Una Canción Para Tú

June 7, 2012
By JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't think or judge. Just listen."

English. Spanish.
It's all the same.
Either way we have a little baby.
..A little baby without a name.

What would it be like?
You know, to be a teenage mom?

People stare at things that are different; unaccepted.

Gays, Lesbians, Blacks with a white.
No one understands.
I'll challenge that.

One direction, a direction going nowhere..

It's alright to cry.
I understand,
What it is like to hold a tiny baby,
An empty baby in your hands..

Would you have been a good mommy?
I have no doubt.

So here is a song; a song for you.

Would you have sung a good sustantivo?
Sweet sweet lullabies.

It is hard to walk away,
Walk away and be the same.

Thoughts race in your mind,
"Why? Why couldn't my baby stay?"
"Why did God have to take you away..?"

More of a plea than a question,

A question that you may never know the answer to..

What will he say?
What will he do?
It was his just as much as you thought this baby belonged to you.

Let him hold you,
And tell you that you'll be OK,
"..And maybe when were older,
We will try again someday."

You get up of your knees, and try and face the world.
No one knows..

As you walk out of the bathroom, hall pass in hand..

No one knows your life has forever been changed.

No one knows your heart has been absolutely crushed..

I know you'll be OK..
I know you'll see him again one day.

So let me sing.

Quiero cantar una canción para tú..

The author's comments:
This one is for baby Aiden.

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