Grey Is My Favorite Color

June 6, 2012
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If I could pick one word to describe me at this moment...
That is what it is.

Grey is my favorite color.
I just get so lost in it.

Have I ever told you I wanted to become a model?
Sorry I'm only 5'6".

I would be a glamor model.
You know, the ones that get to wear a ridiculous amount of make up?

They always portray things so well.

I love the seasons.
Not just one in particular; all of them.

I've never written about seasons.

I feel like it is a childish thing.
The easy way out.

You know when a teacher says to write a poem they list simple topics like:
Friends, sports, and seasons?
It makes me mad.

And it is such a simple topic; yet so complex that I don't think I can do it.
It is too hard to capture all that the seasons are.

All the beauty, and when people try..
I feel like they don't do it justice.
Because everyone has a different perspective.
And there is always going to be someone that says,
"No. That's wrong. That's not how I see it."

I feel like models appreciate seasons.
It's just, a 180 change from summer to winter.
It is a chance to be different, that's what I like.
No one expects you to wear the same clothes.

It's a metamorphosis.

I love fashion magazines.
But I hate them too.
I envy the girls.
But maybe they envy me too..?

I love the way they look.

I wish someone would write about me;
Want to take a second look at me.
Want to be me.

But who knows..

I miss summer..
I miss you and I can't even tell you.

Winter, that is my life.
My life is but a hazy shade of you.

But the seasons change.
And that is all they are,
God's creation given name by man.

I wonder if God even wanted time measured.

I think he would want us to just live every moment.

Grey is my favorite color.
Everything is so confusing.

So lost, but so spellbinding.

It changes just like the seasons.
Just like my life.

So, my friend,
I will not even try to capture the beauty and all that the seasons bring.

I will leave it soulfully to your imagination.

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