June 6, 2012
By JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't think or judge. Just listen."

Kisses are sweet.
Just like peaches.

I would walk thru the halls and see people hugging or kissing.
And you know what?
I felt like the freaking hulk.

I was just so...

It doesn't feel good to be a monster...

I love skin that is soft, like peach fuzz.

Someone gave me a tip...
"Just laugh and say to yourself, 'Ha. You guys are going to have a really nasty break up.'"

I tried it.

I'm not proud to say this but,
It worked; I laughed.

I don't know if I told anyone this but..
My nickname used to be peaches.

I really don't know why..

I think it is because of this one incident where I dropped all the peaches in the cafeteria in 4th grade.
You can call me peaches if you like.

I don't know why but, peaches hold a special place in my heart.
Even though I think they taste disgusting.

There was a time where I wouldn't eat..
And when someone found out...
He brought me a peach.
"Peaches for peaches."

I thought it was cute..

I know I've told you this before but....
I want you to eat.
You need to.
You pinky promised..

I've always felt like maybe; someone is watching over me.

I'm just trying to watch after you baby girl.

You know that feeling you get when your sick?

That "I think I'm dying feeling" ?

And you just praying to God that,
If you could just get better you would never take another healthy day for granted.

You would run outside or change the world.
Maybe even end world hunger.
But your just praying and praying that you'll be OK.

All you want to do is be OK...

That's all I want..
Especially for you.

So if I have to recommend something to eat...
Your first bite in 6 days,
Even if it is just a nibble..
I would suggest a peach.

Because the kiss of a peach is just as sweet as any other kiss I've tasted..

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