Beloved's Walk

June 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I close my eyes
I know what shall befall me in a few short breath
To one as myself it is a blessing
But to ones whose hearts belong to me it is a curse

They scream to the havens for is about to happen
They weep when I am not there
They wallow in their grief for as long as they can
For they love me

I have tried my best to prepare them for what shall happen
But I know my words fall on deaf ears
They shall cry with all their breath
They shall not think of me for when they do they shall weep ever more
And when the pain shall finally pass they will remember me

They will remember the woman who held them when they cried
Who toke care of them when they were sick
Who screamed with them when they were angry
Who cried when they grew to be who they are
Who boxed their ears when they were idiotic- which was many a time
They shall remember the woman who held their children and their children's children
They shall remember me

When the pain has past they shall be thankful for what has happened
They will be grateful that I no longer feel pain
They shall be glad that I am with my beloved
They will know that I am not gone
For I ingrained in them a sense of what comes after
They shall know that I am happy with my beloved looking after each and every one of them

I open my eyes and look around
They are here
The one who have survived
And the ones who have not
They stand there with with the next generation
And the one after that
They look upon the face that has gave them all life
And know I shall be alright
With love and kindness in their eyes they all let me know it is ok
To leave them on their own

I close my eyes for the last time

Looking around I see a man
He is thirty years younger from when I last remember
I look down
I am thirty years younger from when I remember
I have on a navy blue dress from when we first met
I let out a smile
I am truly happy for the first time in a while
I take my beloveds outstretched hand and begin a walk
A walk that shall take us to our new lives

The author's comments:
This is about reuniting with the ones that we lost and letting go of the ones we leave behind.

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