Bats in the Night

June 8, 2012
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Like a bunch if bats in the night,
We creep around but do not see,
The damage we've done, the problems we caused.
Blinded, and in the ruins of the world we knew,
A world of now gray and dust.
But yet that is not what we see;
We see flowers, and skies of blue.
We encourage one another,
To go deeper into a darkened world,
We wear rags that are torn and withering away to nothing.
Yet they are seen as the must-get fashion.
"Welcome to our utopia full of prejudices,
To your right you will see pain,
And to your left wrong!
Make yourself at home, but just watch your step,
For the very structure of the world is crumbling as we speak.
Oh no sir! Don't place down or out of sight,
Unless you never want to see them again,
But wait, it's okay, because we can trust everyone,
Just like that person on the other end of the computer is really your friend."
Isn't this all great?
The strongest nation in the world: America.
One nation, under who exactly?
Surely not God;
The person the pilgrims came over for freedom with,
And the entire basis of our country.
You can't be a nation under such a supernatural force by just saying so,
Or you can just stand in a garage and call yourself a car.
If you live under something, you follow its rules,
Just like we abide in this "great" land.
So let's all stand together and be proud of what we have accomplished,
And live blindly in the darkness.
So go and cheer for freedom,
Go clap with the two boys next to you who are standing close and holding hands,
And the girls in the corner sticking their fingers down their throats,
But don't clap too loudly now so you can hear the gossip about the girl who just left.
"So welcome to our utopia,
All are welcome,
Just walk right down to our gates and let the devil open them for you.
And make sure to smile as he tells you: Welcome to Hell."

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