Where I'm From

June 4, 2012
By , Temperance, MI
I am from the creek at the edge of my grandparent's property.
Sitting on all the large rocks that stick out of the water as my dad places minnow traps in the rushing current.
I am from my aunt's back yard as she doused me in nail polish remover to get the leeches off.
I am from the forest where my dad took me to hunt.
Where all we ever took home were morel mushrooms in a picnic basket.
Where we would tap the trees and make maple syrup.
I am from the back yard where we pretended the silver propane tank was a ice-cream truck.
Where it used to flood and made the back yard a lake.
I am from the Backstreet Boys to the Spice Girls.
From Pokemon to Boy Meets World and everything in between.
From in front of the TV and beyond.
I am from Ed and Michelle and their ancestors before them.
I am from every place I've ever been and every experience I've ever had.

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