One Chance

June 4, 2012
By Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
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Every night I gaze up into the sky,
To see the small specks of light darting across,
So distant yet radiating power, staring into my soul and into my life,
The tranquility, the peace, the calmness it ensues,
It’s one that no television can replace,
Nor any car, plane, or machine on Earth,
I feel the will to stare, and never peel my eyes away,
But I feel a chill of fear, something’s gone wrong,
Something tells me that what I opposed the most,
Will tomorrow become true, and haunt me for years to come,
That one day I’ll no longer be able to look at the stars up close,
Because there’ll be no place to stand on, no Earth to live in,
We release toxins, chemicals, and harmful waste,
We melt glaciers, kill animals, and create filth in our haste,
But we have a chance to set things right,
A chance to start over and fix our past mistakes,
If we turn off the tap and turn off the light,
And use our cars less, both day and night,
If we recycle and reuse, and pick up our trash,
We reap our Earth, a prize worth more than cash.

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