Feelings of a Blizzard

June 15, 2012
Snow that falls from the sky, snow that falls upon one.
Heavier and heavier the snow falls, uprising into a blizzard.

In the blizzard of life, there is ice and sleet.
Snow that falls upon one.
Snow that holds love, hate, trust, and betrayal.

LOVE- that one can make it further down the blizzard of life.
HATE- that one crashes and feels alone in the blizzard. As if one cannot not continue.
TRUST- that others will come along and help one along the road and back to health.
BETRAYAL- that a few others will stop and stay in the one point of the Blizzard of Life. Those who leave one in the snow.

Being alone. Alone in a blizzard.
That's how one feels. Feels alone in the world. Feeling the Feelings of a Blizzard

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