sky beast

June 14, 2012
By Elise Rosenfeld BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Elise Rosenfeld BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Lightening split the sky
Cracked the world
Like a shattering orb, a billion puzzle pieces
Blinded with electric fire, a sight far to heavenly for mere human eyes
Tinted with evil
With greed
The rain drops were tears, shattered bits of the orb
Reflecting and shining before breaking, shattering into
Taking cover under the big oak, branches thick and knarled, giving out that sense of protection
I cowered
Hoping its giant ancient arms full of wisdom and sight could keep me from the wild temper of the Sky Beast
Keep it from licking out and taking me with it
But the fire in the air cracks its whip and the tree falls
Breaking the fragile bubble of fatherly protection it falsely gave
Worse follows the thunder
Like the steady, powerful smack on a gods drum
The heart beat of the earth
Keeping beat, no matter the turmoil that surrounds it
It sends you tumbling over and crashing into oblivion
The ferocity of the lightening burned into your eyelids
No matter how tightly you shut them
And the steady beat of the drum is all that’s left
Just the beat
Like the beat of your heart
A girl comes up and asks what is wrong, genuine concern etched in her eye and I tell her the storm,
The storm
She looks through the plate glass window and says that all that’s out there is blue
The blue sky
That’s when I realized
It was all inside my head

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