June 14, 2012
CURsEd by William bahena
I see my life flash in front of me
god is that you
no for god doesn't have demons every where eating what remains of your flesh
this is Satan's kingdom
what did I do to deserve this god?
YOU took my mother away
YOU put my dad in jail
YOU sent me to a messed up place worse then h***
YOU cursed me never to be loved by another human soul
what did i do to have a agonizing life
to live in torment
to be tortured while i sleep
death isn't sounding so bad right now
there is no CURE for this

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Silver-winged said...
Jun. 17, 2012 at 8:00 pm

If you belive that all has failed from ur real family.  Find confort from your second family- friends.

"What did i do to deserve this?"

i ask that question to myself all the time.  And i do believe that you can be loved by another soul; you are an awsome quy, and an awsome poet.


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