June 3, 2012
By alexlipani BRONZE, Queensville, Other
alexlipani BRONZE, Queensville, Other
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Just like the leaves change colour in the fall, and the air goes from warm and soothing to rough and bitter, things are always changing.

Nature is always

c h a n g i n g,

Animals are always
c h a n g i n g,

Friends are always
c h a n g i n g,

Family is always

c h a n g i n g,

You are always

c h a n g i n g.

Life is never consistent.

One moment, your best friend is the most trustworthy, considerate, kind person to ever walk the earth and the next moment they are stabbing your back with the sharpest knife in the drawer.

What happened to trust?

You can trust me . . .

Those four words aren't meant to be broken. Ever.
But they are thrown around like eggs to a concrete wall; shell broken and shattered, never to be repaired.

Change your hair colour.
Change your walk.
Change your style.
Change your attitude.
Change your mind.

C h a n g e.

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