May 31, 2012
By Mixtape0416 BRONZE, Kildeer, Illinois
Mixtape0416 BRONZE, Kildeer, Illinois
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At the cusp of dawn
In midnight air
She licks the flames
From ultraviolet
Face and shadowed skin
Burning white
Hot as glowing ice,
Ember claims
To fading scenes
Dreams of which
I am not myself.

Midsummer breeze
A sauntering tease,
Weak with envy
I’m free of mind
And lost to musk,
Divine aura of orchid,
Her amber gaze
Defines my ways
And I cannot help
But follow the snake.

Violet waves pervade
In cascades of rain
Upon porcelain,
I work to preserve
Such sacred craft,
To crack but beneath
The tender frame
And reclaim truth
The unspoken rule,
Vanilla drops
Kiss my feeble soul
I am home.

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