Homework is evil.

May 31, 2012
By AWhitesell SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
AWhitesell SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Deal with what you got

The dreadful tears it brings,
to one student willing to learn.
It has been around,
but all it does is bring an un-pleasant sound.

It was made to crush spirits,
when their parents couldn't.
They are spirits from the undead,
bringing a horrid dread.

"Homework, homework," kids cry out
"why do you bring such a drought?"
I don't wish to be your enemy,
I would rather be your frienemy

I want you to help me,
not ruin my life like my sister Lee.
I watch you all sad,
miserable, but why do you have to make me mad.

Is there any legitimate reason we have to be tortured?
Homework, just let every one be,
don't just be nice to me,
homework, let everyone be free

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