The Plastic

May 31, 2012
By cheergirl367 BRONZE, Colleyville, Texas
cheergirl367 BRONZE, Colleyville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.
- Robert Frost

Living with the plastic,
shiny and new, smiling happy people

I look around the room, and know the truth
She's a razor jockey
She almost committed suicide
She's got Daddy issues

And that just scratches the surface
of the lies that refuse to announce themselves

She covers her scars with designer jeans
She smothers her horror with a big smile
She destroys other people to compensate for herself

I pretend I don't know about what they've been through
And they pretend they don't know about me

The girl who sees everything
Except herself

Make your peace with this fact
We are the one percent

With the most to show and hide
Tucked away from harm

And in the most danger

We are plastic
Molded to society's shape

The author's comments:
I think this poem speaks for itself. I write what I feel, and I write the truth. Hopefully this poem will say say as much to you as it did to me.

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