The Motor Boat

May 20, 2012
By Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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Across the dock my feet traipse to the sight I see
A motor boat splendid white raring to go to sea
Salutations to the captain to which he waves back
Leaping upon the white boat gunning the motor goes he

The boat pedals the water with a single swerving leg
Gushing the blue pallor with streaks snow white
Stirred from my dreary wait I dive onto the boat
Settled onto a murky seat shielded from the winds
The ship speeds towards the rising sun, drifting to sea

Blurred with speed the sea so blue,
Lush as fruit fresh from harvest
Sparkling diamonds as old as time
Rolling eternal waves up and down

Gazing at the dabbled sky with clouds so white
Bored still goes my beating heart
Noting such a plight the captain
Tosses a snakey rope at my feet, roaring

“Latch yourself around the hip
Prepare for fun and thrill
Step to the rear hind of the boat
And stretch yourself apart!”

Heeding his words as I hear
Towards the hull I scramble
Bracing the rope against my hip
Away from the seat I shuffle

The captain gunned the engine fierce
My feet took root to the soil-like deck
My hair whipped into frenzy dance
The rope a lifeline from the sea,
Gripped by me for dear life’s sake
My body swayed like a lake-reed
Thrumming with the engines

Ripping through the water, the boat
Swerved left and right
A fierce spirit tamed by the ever rampant
Spirit of the boundless sea

A blast of sea-water fanned the air
Dousing my face with water
Along with the tears of joy I shed
A stream running down my cheeks
Into the racing air

On and on the boat did swim
This journey was a thrill
But time goes on and journey’s end
When the sun had set to shine another day
The boat settled and docked sleepily still
Untying the rope around my body
On quivering legs I walk away
I wave to the captain

The author's comments:
This is a poem based on a real life experience. The ending is a bit short, but I hope that the mild description in the end is enough to bring you readers to the back of a motor boat heading to sea

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