The Perpetuation of Earth

May 20, 2012
By chase_waller BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
chase_waller BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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The rock has hit the surface
The houses are burning down
The volcanoes erupt lava flows
And the people have no town
No hospital or park, no nothing
All the bombs have set off
And everything that was something
Is hardly an ash or flame
The people face extinction
But so do the tigers and bears
The winds and rains form hurricanes
And the people are filled with fears
The world is either wet or ablaze
And the earth has opened up
Some people lose their faith
And they blame their gods for this hump
In history, they see trees burning
The forests disappear in a flash
-What is the purpose?- they scream to the skies
-It is the only way Earth will last

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