Broken Memories

June 10, 2012
Nothing lasts forever.
Boulders on the beach
Become the sand beneath your feet
Trees that always tower
Turn to timber in a cabin
The people in your life
Will one day walk away
Nothing lasts forever
No one stays forever

They each will have a reason
And to protest would be futile
The person you rely on
And calls you every day,
You’ll one day find
As nothing but a single broken memory,

A faded face,
And a distant voice,
A name that now tastes bitter sweet.
Nothing lasts forever
They all fade away eventually

Some will run off willingly,
Others cry their last goodbye,
Some may not even stop
To tell you that they’re leaving.
They come and they go,
Entering and exiting your life
Like a truck stop on a highway.
Nothing lasts forever

It doesn’t mean that you were nothing
Or that that didn’t really like you
Everything has it’s time
All relationships come to an end
Because nothing can last,
When challenged by forever

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