Only I Can Be Me

June 10, 2012
What are people telling you
That you aren’t beautiful
Just The Way You Are
Don’t Look In The Mirror
And See Someone You Wanna Change
When You Wake Up In The Morning
Go Ahead And Look Yourself In The Mirror
Say I Can Only Be Me
And I Don’t Wanna Be You
I Wanna Be What I Am
And I Don’t Wanna Be What I’m Not
Yah, You Might Wanna Change You
But I’ll Never Change Me
I’m The Original Version
While Your Just A Fake Copy
You Try To Bring Me Down
But I Just Get Back Up Again
I Get Up
Come Back
And When You Look At Me
I’m Even Better Than The Old Me
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones
But You Will Never Break My Will
I’m Me And Your You
Only I Can Be Me
Only You Can Be You

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