June 10, 2012
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Hidden in plain sight

I blend in with the walls,

Invisible to the average eye I am

Though if you look closely you may catch a glimpse of me

See that small shadow in the corner?

That’s me

I am the voice you never here

I am the face you never see

I am the opinion that is never spoken

I am the silence you never cease to ignore

The boy down the street who lacks a reason to live,

that’s me

That girl that everyone avoids with no purpose to live,

that’s me

The scared homeless man lying in a pile of boxes,

that’s me, what the average eye neglects to see

The life that I lead you should fear

To live but never be heard

To be cold air with no purpose

Here I am,

here I stay the shadow blending in with the walls

Never to be seen

I am Ghost

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