Sinking Sand

June 10, 2012
By Anonymous

I think it's only another nightmare
Until I realize I'm never waking up
And I can't ever be free
I want to scream
But no one's around to hear me
And no one would come if they could
Running on ice
Coloring a rainbow in black
Darkness with no floor beneath my feet
I want to scream
But my compass no longer points east

It's like a cage you can't get out
With ceilings too low to stand
And bars to narrow to sit
I wish this was only a trick
I want to scream
But the walls are thick
I try to remember what it's like to see color
But a shade of gray is painted over my eyes
My hands cuffed and feet tied
Things seem to be headed south
I want to scream
But there's tape wrapped around my mouth

It's like a lake with no bottom
Swimming down and down
Until I realize I can't get back up
The surface is far and my lungs are compressing with no breath
Like I'm looking for something that can't be found
I want to scream
But, under the water, my voice won't sound
My strokes become weak
And my chances are faded
My heart stops beating
And I become still
I want to scream
But the peace underwater is too quiet to kill

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