My Head!

June 9, 2012
By MercedesLatrae13 BRONZE, Fitzgerald, Georgia
MercedesLatrae13 BRONZE, Fitzgerald, Georgia
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Sometimes I wonder what life was like
With no day and with no light
Would there still have been life
Or would there have only been strife
Is strife the correct word to use?
I wonder if I am heard by you
Some things never come to pass
As I stare at the looking glass
I see time pass
Do you see what I see?
A bird in a tree staring at me
I believe a she
How did she come to be?
Hmm, I wonder if we could still believe
If everything we believed in just disappeared
Just as fast as it had appeared
In my mind I wonder sometimes
If the world was once a speck
If the world went through heck
To get where it stands now
Or was it as easy as it could be
Like all the shows you see on TV
I don't believe most of the things I see
My mind is like no others
I wonder things that are not like most
Sometimes I feel just like a ghost
I need a host to host my soul
That is my true goal
But it seems I always distract myself with questions
I sit and wonder why all the lessons
Why am I here
Is there a purpose
If so what could it be?
For I really cannot see
What is the true meaning of life?
Will I ever know what life is like?
I sit and wonder where I will be
Will I graduate high school?
Will I be on TV?
Do I imagine things?
The things I see?
Am I delusional?
What is everlasting peace?
These are million dollar questions
The questions I have for you
But no, I am not through
I have a few more
Like what is love for?
Is it for children or just adults?
It is only pure luck
Love isn't easy to find I suppose
That doesn't mean you should give up hope
Hope is the root of all things
I’m starting to wonder if this is my Imagination
A possible hallucination,
As I come to my senses I realize
That I am in a facility
Strapped and tied
Why am I hear is what I wonder
Oh how I am in a blunder
I started this with question
Now I need your suggestions
And in the middle of it all
I went to another dimension
What is wrong with me I wonder?
I’m starting to doubt my own sanity
So I think I just want to go
Go to a place where life is no more
A place where I can be alone
A place I want to call my own
How about my head
That is where I will rest instead
My Head

The author's comments:
This poem won me 1st place in the RESA writing fair. I added some things to it so it has changed.

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