Sweet 16

June 11, 2012
By jar33 GOLD, Galena, Missouri
jar33 GOLD, Galena, Missouri
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"Live every day as if it was your last" and "Always have Faith in our Savior"

They say she's becoming a woman but she feels like a scared child

She's about to turn 16 and to death she terrified doesn't know what to expect

Shes wants you to be there but your no where in sight, and she's trying to conquer the feeling inside, the felling of wanting to cry

She's about to turn 16 a woman she's becoming into, every minute of everyday God's helping her to become stronger, her faith is growing longer

She wants you there for her special day she's wanted you there every step of the way you never try, pushed her away, never once to say stay

She's about to turn 16 the little girl who's becoming a Godly woman

She knows your gonna miss her very big day she cry's herself to sleep, imagining she's in your arms again, her pillow unto she softly weeps holds her fantasy of you being there for her sweet 16

She knows she can't have you when she wants you but she has people that care and that's what matters

She's becoming a woman, something you never became and deep down she knows you too will never be the same

She's about to turn 16 the scared little girl God gave EVERYTHING!!!

The author's comments:
This is a poem that i wrote the day before my birthday. I wrote it because i was missing my mom and wanted her to be there for my 16th birthday. I havent seen my mom in 4 years and im happy without her and know its for the best. I pray for anyone that has a parent not in their life and i pray for the poeple who dont have either parents in their life like me. I know god has great things in store for me and all of you. Godbless you all. Faith Love Peace. Hvae Faith Always

Love, JAR

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