June 9, 2012
By Zankari BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Zankari BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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The pain...the screams of agony piercing my ears causing them to bleed. The screams of women when they're on fire screeching for their lives and kids crying, screaming in pain from the wound left in them for death. The sound of these tormented souls passes my ears striking straight into my heart leaving woe forever in me. I hear them everywhere at anytime and even more when I'm alone. Darkness appears slowly, devouring eyes has abruptly strayed from my body merely leaving me in the darkness. The anguish is devastating...what more must be taken from me? My lips feel as if they've been stitched shut, but as I touch them..they disappeared from my face. I cannot scream or speak, but my nose stays and yet I smell something horrid as if it was being burned right next to me. As I smelt the air, the sound of these souls shriek more deafeningly making me fall to my knees. I cannot endure this much longer, my limit has reached its peak...time to go. I fall down on my back, as I'm falling a dagger suddenly appeared stabbing me in the heart from my lips and my eyes reappeared as I screamed in pain. With my last breath I say,
"This is what he wanted...what Death always wanted."
Tears shed from my eyes as I lay there...frozen and dead in the dark.

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