Ode to Sophomore Year

June 9, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s funny how much can change in year
A year ago I had never been kissed
A year ago I had never taken an AP
A year ago I had never put my foot on the accelerator
Never got to truly experience what freedom felt like
Thank you sophomore year
For all the things you’ve given me
Sophomore literally means wise moron
I guess you could say I was one
Of course there was heartbreak (Moron)
Of course there were hair pulling worthy moments (Moron)
Of course there were times when all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and never come out (Moron)
But sophomore year has taught me so much
That I can and will bounce back (wise)
From a stupid senior boy (He’s a moron, I’m alright)
From losing a friend (We were both morons)
I survived an AP (a little bit wiser)
My mother survived teaching me to drive
I’ve survived and even thrived
I have found music when I needed it most
I have found poetry when I needed it the most
I have found friendship when I needed it most
I have found a beacon of light in the darkness when I needed it most
I have found love when I needed it most
And I have lost it when I no longer needed but still wanted it (moron)
So bring it on junior year
Give me your two APs
Give me your BC pre-calc (wise?)
Give me everything you’ve got
Because nothing will ever compare to sophomore year

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