Heartstring Bandanna

June 9, 2012
By Agni244 BRONZE, Griggsville, Illinois
Agni244 BRONZE, Griggsville, Illinois
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This feeling that wraps around my head with blue and white strands,
I wish it would cease--wither away,
Crumple into a decaying leaf--catch a lift on a gust of wind,
And flitter away, leaving behind not even remnants,

How bizarre is this feeling?
So concrete of similar feelings,
Shrieking with the same type of chimes,
That brings Gaia’s lyric sheet to life,

Yet, within, is another note--unrecognizable,

A note of serene beauty,
Intriguing--luring; enchanting me with its rays,
It plays when delicate fingers pull down these blue strings,
And conjures up images, teeming with happiness,

How I long to find that source of happiness,
How I long to reach out and embrace its physical frame,
Yet, I can’t find a viable reason why it would accept,
Instead, I crouch before its base, with cowardice--ears ringing,

For this song, continues to slither through my comb of thoughts,
Bringing forth fantasies, but none I wish to pursue, less they be distorted,
Instead, I play this new found note in my head, unsure of its meaning,
While, all the while, twiddling with this blue instrument of self-interest.

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