The drean that consumes her sleep

June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

When she lays her head down to rest she thinks she's "Safe and Sound"

Oh no wait! Her eyes are closing, she's in his territory now

She's a thousand miles away until he let's her go from his grasp

He taunts her, the man in her dreams, the one who so often speaks

Whispers those words like the devils best

been in her dreams since she was a little girl

Follows her in her dreams like lighting does thunder in a rain storm

terrified to shut her eyes, knows he'll consume every second of the dream

They all say that life is scary, but her dreams are scarier

Restless and tired from all the terrifying sleep

She's losing herself, can't remember where she's from

She's got so many secrets and so much pain

She thinks but words seem to come none

Losing herself, fading faster than she ever has before

When the world slips from her soul the memories that come she can no longer hold

Telling herself it was all fake, knowing it was all real

I picture her in the the street, waiting for the rumble of the earth, but then the ground slips from her feet the precious earthquake questioning her worth

She wakes up with a start knowing it wasn't just a dream

Never to tell a soul about the dreams she has cause shes scared and so ashmed
her dreams are the dreams that consumes my soul and the dreams that torture me

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because when I was a little girl I was molested and it went on for about a Year and a half. I still have dreams about what happened and I'm 16. I hope that my poems will help all those whom have felt the pain that I have and knows what Ive been through. I want to tell you guys to be strong and don't be afraid. Always have faith and talk to someone you trust when you need to vent or cry or even to just express your self.
Love, JAR

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