The girl

June 5, 2012
By Sailing_Through_Lilies BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sailing_Through_Lilies BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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A child

Small, petite, and happy

Growing up she has a blast

Little Miss social butterfly

The one who picks daisies and lives in her treehouse

She holds her innocence

Her parents pushing her talents

Cherishing her presence before she leaves

Times go by, siblings, quarrels, and lies

Teens hit

The pressure is on.

Her parents have lost their little girl

Her backup has disappeared into lies and betrayal

The abuse starts, noone wants her

Some family is on her side

But it’s not enough

Times have changed

The girl is not given the love

Now she is given the hate

The words ruin her

She plummits wanting to leave

She has no support

The only thing keeping her alive

Is her knowledge that she will leave

Leave the aweful people

Who she once held dear in her heart

The words

“I can’t wait until she’s gone”

“You can go kill yourself for all I care”

Ring in her ears

Physical and Mental

She has lost who she was

The beautiful happy girl

Has turned into a mess who wont ever go within arms distance

Losing the feelings of love and trust

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