My Grave

May 30, 2012
Here I died, in a tomb of lies.
All I can ask is Why?
I’ll be fine, the sun will shine.
And you’ll always be mine.
My soul is saved, and I’ll be brave.
But will you visit my grave?
I love you, I swear it’s true.
What would you have me do?
I’ll be here, don’t mourn me dear.
Please don’t shed a tear.
This is me, a soul now free.
And finally I see.
I see the things your love did bring.
I see the song you sing.
In eternal sleep I sob and weep.
Depression sets in deep.
With love proclaimed, I felt no shame.
In telling you my name.
You pushed and shoved, my heart, my love.
You thought you were above.
I know you’re not, I know your plot.
To kill me with a thought.
It was fun, but now it’s done.
And now I’m forced to run.
But why run now? I don’t see how.
I’m stuck here underground.
Not a sound, silence profound.
To you, my heart is bound.
On the stone are a skull and bones.
And words that stand alone.
“He learned to fly, he touched the sky.
And then was left to die...”

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