She Does Not Speak

May 30, 2012
By , chicago, IL
She lost her voice in a violent crime
In some ran down motel to a filthy slime
She does not speak
It never was suppose to end like this
If only he didn’t try to steal her innocence
She screamed and yelled and begged him to stop
She hit him and bit him and finally was free
His lust quickly turned into hostility
He rushed towards her and then hit her repeatedly
Her screaming stopped and the mood became weary
She didn’t move
She does not speak
Her body is cold and very weak
Her body was left in some ran down motel
I guess you can say this didn’t go well
She used her voice and she said no
Yet her life was ended with a fatal love blow
Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate
It could choose YOU or YOU , like it chose my classmate
( dont be a victim be aware , no one is exculed from this , it can happen to anyone)


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