Blind Beauty

June 9, 2012
By sschwear BRONZE, Redding, Connecticut
sschwear BRONZE, Redding, Connecticut
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In all its depth and profundity,
Is an expanse of
the indefinite.
A patient companion of mortality,
It ensues death – for most.
But I will die
in familiar Darkness
As I am mortality and
Darkness is my companion.

It accompanied me
As I graced the surface with a gentle touch, sweeping
away a layer of dust, freeing
the dull and discolored ivory, coating
my hand in a velvety film.
A sweet resonance reverberated through the air
Beginning a gentle ripple.

Darkness was my companion
As light emerged
within my darkness
Though still forever masked by shadows, I was exposed
to its affectionate and warm embrace.
I welcomed its coming
And radiance pervaded my body.

Darkness was my companion
As I savored the refreshing perfume
Of nature’s life, careful
To distinguish each fragrant scent.
It perforated through the stagnant air and
Collected around me in a perceivable mist.
My senses were alive,
And so was I.

In their final moments of existence
Others see in darkness what I have witnessed
My entire life –
Its ability to sharpen experience and
Retain these memories in its profound expanse.

But until then
They anxiously fear its imminent arrival,
Deeming Darkness the final end
of Splendor
The ultimate suppression.

I know it is an awakening and
they are the blind ones
As true, untainted beauty
Only exists in Darkness.

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on Jun. 12 2012 at 8:42 pm
Ashers101 DIAMOND, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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Your poem is really deep. That's one of the things that makes it so great.


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