The Devil's Accountant

June 9, 2012
By leahrhamilton SILVER, Bedford, Massachusetts
leahrhamilton SILVER, Bedford, Massachusetts
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"Enough of blood and tears. Enough." - Yitzhak Rabin

The pain courses through your jugular vein
And all of a sudden you auctioned off your soul to the highest bidder
This is fantastic news because I am the winner
And no winner is complete with out admitting to being a sinner
So in my winner’s speech, I mention that I am broke
And the words I spoke meant that you don’t need money to be happy
Which is great, because your soul wasn’t cheap
And now I can’t afford to have my shoes resoled
So I tread lightly in my sole-less shoes upon your soulless body
And your empty mind asks me who I am
Who am i? Do you mind? That’s quite rude
But it was rather rude of me to not introduce myself
I am the devil’s accountant.

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