What is it like?

June 7, 2012
By , matthews, NC
But what is it really like?

You wouldn’t know

For everything is not shown

It is invisible and not to be seen

This is not the real me

I can’t explain, I can’t make you understand

So just be there to hold my hand

For support and love is what I really need

To help me accomplish all that I want to achieve

Sickness or in good health

I know you will be by my side

But what is so hard to believe

Is what has happened to me

I wish so badly to be able to express how I feel

But all I feel is feelings of guilt

I wish I could succeed

And be the person I want me to be

I feel like a little kid inside so helpless and alone

Longing for that day

Will I will no longer have to be afraid

Tears flowing down my face

I just want all the pain to be erased

But I will keep my head held up high

And tell those bad thoughts goodbye

For I know there will come a day

Where I will never be in pain

For god is implanted in my heart

A father, a friend, my savior

Jesus Christ

Lead me down the golden road

And take me away from this place they call home

For I know your kingdom awaits me some day

I will wait for my time to go

But in the meantime I will show you

The daughter you want me to be

I will let your hands lead me

Father lead me down this long journey

And I promise you one thing

That I will never be afraid

For fear does not control my soul

For you are implanted in this heart of gold

I will spread my wings and fly

I will aim towards the sky

For I know my destiny

For you my father awaits for me.

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