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June 7, 2012
By Emily Wohl SILVER, Stockton, New Jersey
Emily Wohl SILVER, Stockton, New Jersey
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Golden, glowing winds
fill the ribcage and chest.
Proud, dominant sternum
models an imaginary, dazzling pendant
cradled by the collarbone.
Delicate, passionate, fiery, calm.
Dynamics shaped and detailed.
Placed and brought to life.
Stagnant and flowing.
Pirouette through pulsating veins
through body
through cracks and crevices.
Displayed under an undying spotlight
for all to see
Ripples up from the strained arch of the foot
through the blood and organs.
It seeps through
reaching the body's dead ends.
crown of head.
It lingers,
Fleeing after planting the seeds of renewal
far past the blood and veins and organs
deep in the ventricles.
Tangled roots cradle and comfort
the tenderest muscle.
The heart shades movement
Giving texture
giving the roots something
to cling to.

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