June 4, 2012
By mattchapler SILVER, Mounds View, Minnesota
mattchapler SILVER, Mounds View, Minnesota
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Neither good nor bad, change just is. It is a part of life we all must deal with, some more so than others. Some change is temporary and some permanent and others will just keep happening over and over the question is, when can you decide to change and when must you?

Change comes for different people at different times, and instead of trying to ignore it we must just accept it and let it happen. Trying to pretend that that which we must change for is not there is childish and ignorant and in the end it still must be faced. The trick is to not let yourself be bogged down with the effects of the change and to just move on, but for some that is easier said than done. My advice to you, help your friends when they are facing a time of change and maybe you will be helped in your time of need, but Never take advantage of the help you get or it may never come again.

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