The Prince Prospero's Weakness

June 4, 2012
His name was Prince Prospero and the fool believed to be immune
to all that occured outside the castle
where dead bodies all were strewn.

The Fool entertained his friends with parties and a ball,
while outside
pestilence found all.

Though the foolish man holed everyone inside
So no disease could enter in
on the night of the masked ball
A Ghoulish figure appeared from another world
as the clock of undeath struck the hour.

The Phantasm couldn't be more eerie
with clothes covered in blood so red.
Foolish Prospero confronted the phantom-
to see his unmasked head.

But this was the spectre of death before Prospero
which he could not escape from.
And the life of the foolish Prospero and his friends was ended that bloody, gruesome night
Although Prospero and his friends rest in peace,
The Ghoulish, Bloody Spectre continues to spread the pestilence
around the world.

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