we are teens

June 2, 2012
By ego_sum_artifex SILVER, Lees Summit, Missouri
ego_sum_artifex SILVER, Lees Summit, Missouri
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photographs and gasoline

ripping pages from our diaries

bleeding hearts, and broken dreams

this is our world, the world of teens

warped and twisted reality

living in our fantasies

welcome, come in, come in

warm your dirty hands

by the fire of sin

sit and tell us your malicious tale

and in return, we'll tell you ours

share your scars

from so long ago

we'll show you ours

and tell you whose is worse

we'll show you beauty in this world

but we'll also show you how bad it hurts

falling in love. breaking up

so intent on acting tough

be brave, be brave

be brave young soldiers

for that's what we are

on the battle front of reality

hero's are we

if only they could see

for we hold not only ours, but their dreams

upon our weary shoulders

but in another's eye

they say we're not right

so intent on breaking there laws

they refuse to see the good

only our flaws

we are what we are

rebels, and peace-makers

we are teenagers

we are trying to grasp and discover

what we are

how grand we can be

we only ask for someone to see

that maybe we are not so bad

but maybe we are good indeed

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