too much

June 2, 2012
By ego_sum_artifex SILVER, Lees Summit, Missouri
ego_sum_artifex SILVER, Lees Summit, Missouri
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I have too much on my beaten plate

and I've bitten off more food

than my over-worked mouth can chew

the weight of the ragged burden

sits heavy upon my bruised weary shoulders

I keep telling myself

It will be better by tomorrow

Through cracked and bloody lips

I try to explain the situation

but the words come out warped and twisted

and everyone takes them the opposite way I intended

bombarding me with questions

insisting that I give them the answers

to every petty question they ask

they come up with conniving plans

they set horrid little traps

they never care who falls in

these little minions of fate and pain

my feet are soar and bloody

through a rough life I have trekked

running through forest of thoughts

climbing mountains of forbidding things

only to be snared in the web

of someone Else's two-timing wantings

my ears do not commend me to hear

all the sounds out there

they block out most everything

for all I have heard in life is lies

my eyes are weary indeed

they hardly open

for all they have ever seen

is a place where hope is no such thing

the world I have to thank for these injuries

my heart, a none existing lump in my chest

reassures me there is nothing,

no one, worth being broken, or dieing for

so this way I suppose I shall stay

under the constant burden of another ones wanting

blind to see beauty

because of someone Else's greed

deaf to hear beautiful melodies

thanks to someones slanderous word using

left forever in the plain of thought

with torn feet, and bloody lips

in a land where hope does not exist

with a heart that can't even beat

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