June 2, 2012
By secretcay BRONZE, North Augusta, South Carolina
secretcay BRONZE, North Augusta, South Carolina
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She walks beside you every day, yet never has anything to say. Her silent eyes stay tightly glued to the ground, she’s too embarrassed to look around. Her friends put her down and call her names, she can’t even stand tall without being thrown down in shame. Smile, to her your heart sounds. I can’t, her silent eyes plead and she turns away with a frown. See her. Hear her. Her silent cries for help are only half as loud as the tears streaming down her face. But you’re too involved in your own busy life and all your papers in your briefcase. You stand there speechless you can’t believe what you’ve heard for by standing there in silence you heard all her pleading words. See me. Hear me. Don’t turn away. To save my life, all I needed was a silent smile today.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was hearing a story of a man who committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge. After his death, they found a suicide letter that he wrote, which stated that if one person had smiled at him he would not commit suicide. It made me wonder how many people are simply looking for a little hope.

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