Just Another Broken Heart

June 2, 2012
The pain hurts.
It’s unbearable.
And yet, I have to live with it every day.
I can’t get away from it, nothing seems to help.
He left me in tears,
He left me torn and damaged.
For the human heart isn’t an easy thing to restore.
It cannot be replaced. It cannot be sewn back together.
It cannot be treated.
Hearts are such a fragile thing, our feelings are fragile.
Heartbreak is destructive. It’s cruel and can tear a person apart.
Heartbreak destroys. It takes a lot away from us; our happiness,
Our pride, our joy, and every last bit of hope we’ve held on to.

Heartbreak is the consequence we all must face when
We decide to take the wrong risks.
Heartbreak is the challenge we all must try to overcome
When we believe that love has no pain,
That happy ending actually exist.

My pain is a hidden sign of my own heartbreak,
Of my own dark side, of my own fear.
It’s the lightning that strikes my mind of remembrance,
As I think back to him.
The tears pour out like rain from the clouds above,
I can’t stop it.
Oh, heartbreak, please stop the madness.
I’ve suffered enough, banish this dreadful curse.

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