What's The Purpose?

June 2, 2012
By Dimplesss BRONZE, Canton, Mississippi
Dimplesss BRONZE, Canton, Mississippi
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What's the purpose of loving someone you can't be with?
This world, this life it's just a trip
Day after day, I sit and watch the person I love, love someone else
If only he knew exactly how I felt
No one can say they know how I feel, all I know is my love for him is too real
A part of me worries that he'll settle down with her and forget about me
A part of me knows his #1 girl, I'll always be
What's the purpose of shedding these tears?
He gave me his heart, but I guess it wasn't meant for me to have it even after 3 years
I gave him apart of me, he took it passionately
Me and him? Us together again? That's all I wanna see
I have faith that we'll never depart
We got an unbreakable bond , if only I knew what's right in my heart
Wanna know what hurts?
loneliness hurts - forcing yourself to get over the fact that someone suppose to be yours, but instead you have no one
Rejection hurts - knowing you can't be with a person but keep thinking he's all yours
Losing someone hurts - someone who meant everything to you and now he means everything to someone else
Love? What's the purpose?
Love covers pain
:) covers pain
But what covers a broke heart and a mixed up mind?
Too many questions , 2 different people , so many answers
What's the purpose?
The purpose is God put us like this for a reason
To love each other, cherish each other, defend each other and never forget each other
I found my one and only best friend, my 1st love , my headache , my joy all in one person
I'm single, he's in a relationship ; but he's still mine and I'm still his
That's the purpose of it all !

The author's comments:
A life experience -- I done learned alot of lessons about that word "love".

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