La Balena

June 2, 2012
The breeze is fresh across the water
Crisp and cool, yet mysteriously warm
The tip of a tail of ocean's daughter
Her fin skimming the eye of the storm

A hint of blue touches upon her
With silver mist in her eyes
A body suited of dazzling armor
She lifts herself in simple sigh

An angry splash against her skin
Getting her spirits aerial
The battle with the billow's grin
Was, to her pretty mind, crucial

Beauty swims with a new delight
Worthy of a name of grace
Through the delicate reefs bright
Swelled by shallow waves of lace

A wicked wind makes it was
To take the sea's cramping hold 
The pearly haze captures young day
And shares its secrets to be told

La balena glides, still on her voyage
Within the thunderous deep
For she has an admired courage
In her she shall always keep

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