Ocean Song

June 2, 2012
By artemis15 BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
artemis15 BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
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The waves crash
Their rhythm constant, a steady beat
spilling out on the shore
a tremor of fury underlying
each pattern of crests

Yet there is a calmness, in the steadiness
the endlessly repeating pattern
unbroken, unchanged, dependable
the undying song of the water

And then there is the wind
tangible freedom
unpredictable, chaotic, aimless
yet filled with passion, purpose
harmonious with the ocean song

the seagulls too, and their voices
the shrill, stark, coos
calling to the waves
and the waves roaring back

a small girl disturbs the scene
yet so familiar is this setting to her
and her to the setting
that she is as much a part of it
as the wind, the seagulls, and the waves

water gently strokes her feet
wind catches her hair
she breathes the salt air, the sunlight
and absorbs the generous warmth offering
of the sand

the seashore is her home
the wind her whispering friend
the seagulls, her protectors
and the ocean- her life

she is drawn to it
the power within the waves
the violent passion
the calming stillness
the beautiful contradiction of voices
creating the song of the sea
her song

for as her thoughts become like the wind
when she becomes one with the waves
then she becomes
just a girl
a girl lost in the waves
lost at sea

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