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The Perfect Mountain Scene

It was a breath-taking scene
Though my lungs screamed for air
All I could do was stand there
In awe
At the view from the mountain
The Twin Sister

The clouds flew over the Colorado landscape
Their shadows made trees look burnt from afar
The mountains themselves looked as though they could reach the sky

Everything was visible from the mountain
The city
The wide-open land
The mountains claimed by the Rockies
The site itself was made by a wonderful creator
Our creator
I look around and thought
My God made this
Then I saw the city
The cars,
Enough to kill off this beautiful sight
Though the sight was lovely
It could’ve been better
Without the city
The cars
The pollution
Thunder was heard in the distance
It started to rain
Drop after drop
It was decided
We would go back to civilization
The cars
The pollution
But more Christians
My brothers
In Christ

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