Afghanistan Man

June 2, 2012
By medwards25 SILVER, Saltillo, Mississippi
medwards25 SILVER, Saltillo, Mississippi
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dusty sand streets
crazy summer heats
wind that batters and beats
dust storms send you to your knees
hills and mountains full of enemies
only sound is the summer breeze
there stands a man
certainly not from afghanistan
certainly not alone he stands
he's of a band
of brothers
who fight for their mothers
and for their lovers
a two percent like no others
they search the lonely road
carrying their heavy load
they turn over rock, look under bin
looking for Mister Bin Laden
but instead they were attacked
more like ransacked
ambushed, out of the houses
they scattered like mouses
gunfire tearing at their heels
the hardened team of navy seals
were prepared
for none were compared
they were ready
they knew they were deadly
ready for the fight
victory in sight
they were the light
in a dying world
they saluted, while a torn flag unfurled
but they saw freedom in the eyes of an iraqi girl
so they returned fire
their true heart's desire
to win liberation
for a nation
that knew no freedom
no kingdom
free of a king
ultimate ruler, their everything
they were the caged bird that couldn't sing
only follow mindless orders
a full religion of supporters
for their cause
supported by Islamic laws
they gave no pause
no time to stop
let the infidels steal their crops
let the scum make bomb drops
let the american's set up shops
so they fought back
and man power was something they didn't lack
guerrilla warfare, that's how they attack
quick in, quick out, Afghanistan and Iraq
these soldiers were part of the plan
they'd fight till the very last man
what the SEALS didn't know
was that the whole place was set to blow
C4 and landmines set all around
in the walls and in the ground
very last man would, without a sound
detonate the charges, and death would be found
all around
their tactics were profound
they never won, but never failed
blew out their brains or self impaled
rather be dead than their plan derailed
then collect their heaven's grail

so stalemate they were stuck
the SEALS were out of luck
they were a sitting duck
miles away from their unit's truck
Afghanistan man looked at his team
and saw in their eyes that familiar gleam
they turned in unison, fired their guns
fired for their mothers, brothers, and sons
fired for the doctors, the nurses, the nuns
held their ground, didn't run
the men of the desert, they knew no fear
the men of the mountains,they needed no cheer
they had their support back home
the effort had grown
they had their nation as their backbone

the bullets flew, some hit the men
they kept their footing, this cover they'd defend
they fired until there was no ammunition to lend
knealing down, they prayed to God
"Just protect my family," Cried Sargent Todd.
then along the road that ran so broad
came a sound from the sky, and the group gave a nod

they threw down smoke, and the street turned red
hazy fog, in the darkness lead
two blackhawks to the small town
where then sidewinders were rained down
soon nothing remained but ash and rubble
the terrorist no longer could cause them trouble
but standing there, atop the hill
stood a man, just standing still

he stood there, looking to the rising sun
ignoring sounds of celebratory fun
he stood there, bathed in pink and red
remembering the lives of all the dead

twisted were the minds of the foe
they'd set their children set to blow
they had burned humans alive for petty things
had decapitated women for showing earrings

but in the broad scope, they were one and the same
both fought to kill and to maim
for what, different ideas of government and freedom?
different thoughts on who should lead them?

they had families,a brother and sister
as they fired, they knew that they missed her
they had a home, maybe just a sandy hut
had a dog, even if just a mangy mutt

there wasn't much difference between the men
maybe one had a little darker skin
maybe they had a different religion
maybe one had a different home to defend
but in the end
they were the same
grown men, equipped with joys and shame
so neither side was true to blame
both committed atrocities of different kinds
execution killings and setting land mines
but if they forgot it, he knew they'd find
a compromise line
one with a sign
a sign that read "it all is fine.
no more fighting, no more dyin
no more shooting and no more lyin"

so there he stood, in brief recognition
of the casualties of this day's mission
as he trudged back through the sand
he figured, "i guess we are both the Afghanistan man."

The author's comments:
true stuff

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