Too Far Gone

June 2, 2012
walked over to your house tonight
cool pavement in the moonlight
thought maybe i'd just give a ring
not disturbing anything

maybe i'll just, give a call
don't want to awake the rest of yall
might be sleeping, its two in the morning
wouldn't be awake till the eagle's soaring

turned around and walked back down the street
empty road echoing my scuffling feet
thats when i saw it, saw the sign
SOLD written across the line

it all came back to me, there and then
about how i'd lost my best friend
i remembered the fights and tears
remembered all the long years
we spent together, just me and you
friendship you couldn't find more true
but we drifted, cracked through and through
there was nothing we could do
but watch
wait for all the hate
and battle
neither of us could wait
for the end
when other plans were made by fate
and then
we could stop staying up late

so yeah, we battled it out
so what, we fight and we shout
who cares, we loved and lived and learned
because only in the darkness can the light burn
but now i've learned too late that its over now
i don't know how
it ended so quick
like the lighter went click
i felt so sick
of fighting
but now it frightening
gone quick as lightning
because i'm writing
this unspoken letter
so things will get better
for you
hope that things improve
hope you find love, find that true friend
hope you find one that's there till the end

i wish it was me.
i wish you could see
what happened?
we were so close
we just needed a dose
of reality
we were lost in a world
where the future unfurls
in the eyes of a girl
eyes like pearl
now they're hardened over
cold green like a four leaf clover
hard like rock, they look back at me
so now i see
in the reflection in them
in the sign that made me grim
in the things i can't defend
that my best friend
is too far gone

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