Behind The Mask

June 2, 2012
By Antoinette16 GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Antoinette16 GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"We could be a beautiful, miracle, unbelievable, instead of just invisible" Taylor Swift :)

I smile to hide the hurt,
I smile to hide the pain.

I pretend that I am happy,
I pretend to give a damn.

I hide behind a mask,
and I do it very well.

An icon of self-indulgence,
the bringer of my own pain.

A chameleon to the fullest extent,
why bother having my own name.

I fool the world, I fool myself.
Have I no shame?!

Without the mask, where would I hide?
I'm lost in my own lie.

The author's comments:
We all have a mask that we hide behind, some just depend upon it too much. When I was younger I foolishly trusted everyone to whom I came into contact. Now, very few people have treaded realms of my true personality that is hidden behind my mask.

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