Mom, Dad, Please Stop Fighting

June 1, 2012
By starsatnight SILVER, West Linn, Oregon
starsatnight SILVER, West Linn, Oregon
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Please stop fighting
Your angry eyes can't see
My little brother quivering
behind the living room couch
trying to keep his tears silent

Please stop fighting
my pounding heart aches
with a pain that isn't fading
and every false accusation you make
is another stab into my soul

Please stop fighting
Everytime you start my smile fades
Adn everything is quickly quieting
not that we want to hear you but
our lips have clamped shut in fear

Please stop fighting
It doesn't really matter
that you left the pot boiling
or that Dad forgot to pay the bill
or Mom forgot to clean the dishes

Please stop fighting
I can hear it from upstairs
All your screaming and hating
Don't think that a closed door
will block the noise

Please stop fighting
I don't know how long
I can take this suffering
until I'll want to run away
and escape this cloud of misery

The author's comments:
Divorce is ugly. Often times the children are dragged into the arguments. I literally wrote this five minutes ago in a flurry of typing. Sorry guys, the poem isn't going to be smooth, just a jumble of raw emotion. But divorce isn't smooth either.

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