June 1, 2012
Why does the ocean
Always come back ashore:
and why does love return more, more, and evermore?
Both are infinite-
love and the seas,
so why then have these hard granite walls come between you and me?

Blue waters shall—forever—be blue
And yellow sands their yellow hue
If no change shall ever become true
Why does my heart so long for some, as it does for you?

Through these eyes I see Goddesses
Jealous of you in crystal mirrors—
Thine eyes emulate diamonds,
Yet the former outshine them

Thy hearty heart in hearty bosom:
Voluminous so as to camouflage feelings
Inside them—they hide, cowards! They hide
And insist upon endeavoring to beaches of origin:

Indigo, pristine, and wet
As You, Aqua, crash upon coasts
Of sands and shells

I am the sand embracing your every cool touch—
Then it recedes, aghast and immature
For much there is of sand for you
All for the taking with but a single request

That you, God’s beauty,
You the ocean,
Glimmering waters of eternal grace paralleled by none
Indeed most soothing to anyone

Will simply stay with me, Sand—
Never pull back
To Hell’s deepest den, with the moon and her influence
Let nothing stop us, my one true love, from bliss

Ascertained certainly when we two meet in kiss
And sanctified wholly by a holy wish:
Come to me forever—and find your feet never burnt
But cozied by the softness of my offered pleasantries

Please, then, see the love
For you, I’ve a heart for each grain of sand, —there are millions
‘Tis how I feel about you—

But just as damned if you do not listen

Listen: The bells beckon and hark—and
See! The crying as glistened tears—waterfalls
You are on my face and mind, after all

Fret, fret, fret:

With the passion of one-thousand years in a lifetime, you
So naïve
Still see not the longing I feel, and shall feel


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lookatdatsoul This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 27, 2012 at 8:45 pm
I would be very appreciative of any comments on this article. Thank you!
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