June 1, 2012
As the Tree blossoms,
it begins to stand alone,
so, She sinks down
to be acquainted with the others

Please do not! please rise

Please soar above them
so naysayer’s necks will crane up,
to gaze at an apex they cannot find

Degradation is found in subtle things—
an act or two, here and there
Until habit makes your appeal apparently a fling

Prove to me it is not

For more intellect do you possess,
And more delight in structures beneath thine dress
Than many of the others

All this I see

All of this I appreciate
And celebrate in you—
The talent, the grace

All of this I see,

Wondering why,
Why She refuses to acknowledge my eyes?

Upon you,
They are present and proud
But shaken to shame
If you, Emily,
Converge into the crowd

(For uniqueness has no lost and found)

In your journey, I am but a passerby

Offering parting words to clarify
and bless thy Beauty never die:

Rocks on a cliff, so swiftly such fall
But hope, do I,
that you will stay tall

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