Boo *his story*

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

In the inner depths of a house dark and aged
Everyone in Maycomb knew
There lay a man who had always stayed within this house
He went by the name of Boo

The talk of the town
An infamous mystery
A story laid down
Every kid longed to see
The contents of a house of Radley

A threatening danger
A stormy sea
Even the sharpest eyes
Could not see
For all Boo wanted was to simply stay inside
And his soul yearned to be free

Hidden by walls
Protected from the world
It's been too many years after all
To think about finding a girl
Lonely is all he has to show
Isolation is all he's ever known
I'll let you in on a secret my dear
It is not much the children themselves
But Boo, who has felt fear

As a child, he had a different name
Arnold was quite a notorious kid
One day he brought himself to shame
And got captivated for his sins

There have been lies
But this much is true
The rumors signify the death of a man named Arnold
And the birth of a man named Boo

The author's comments:
Based on the character Boo Radley from "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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